Download Mobil-Eyes-Us

For the moment, we are in the experimental phase, so you will not find Mobil-Eyes-Us in the app store of your cell phone. To use it, you need to download it and install Android APK file below.


When activists need your support, you will receive a notification at the moment a live broadcast is being recorded. At this time, the live streams are transmitted via Facebook pages, but it is not necessary to be registered there to accompany activists or to be a part of Mobil-Eyes-Us.


There is no support for iPhones or Windows Phones at the moment.


How it works

Distant Witnesses

In four easy steps:

1. Install the app

2. Register to sign up

3. Get to know a little of the work by watching some of the previously recorded streams

4. When an activist that is online needs you, you will receive a notification. In the app itself, you can use the text box to give context and/or translate what is happening. You’ll also find the original live stream link to help share it with others and/or to contact the page directly.


Frontline activists

1. When you need support, start a live stream from your Facebook page by placing the hashtag #MobilizaJa in the post content.

And you are ready, that’s it 🙂

Supporters will receive an alert and will try to mobilize in different ways, such as:

  • Sharing and increasing visibility of the subject using their networks
  • Helping with real-time search for information accessible on the Internet
  • Translating the event to reach a larger international audience
  • Giving context to what is occurring in the stream, if they have knowledge of the subject



If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Facebook: Witness Portugues

Twitter: @witnessorg